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domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

Two very busy weeks - Part 1

Well, if you read my last post, you probably know that one of my host-sisters (Jennifer), her husband Adam and her three kids (Seth, Hanna and Ashton) were here for the weekend (the 10/15 weekend eheh :p). Therefore, and as you can fancy, it was a very very busy weekend...

It started with an early rise...Yes, 7 a.m. on a Saturday is VERY early for me... But Mateo and I did that with the best of intentions...! The night before Joy (my host mom) had told us the kids usually woke up at 6:30 and she was going to make pancakes, so if we wanted any we should be up around 7... The problem was we woke up and...the house was silent...we looked all over, no signs of life, no lights on, nothing... Suddenly we head the door: Joy was coming in from the backyard... We rushed to her and, perhaps almost rudely, as anyone who just woke up with the one intention of filling his belly, we asked "So where are the pancakes?"... The kids hadn't woken up pancakes...we went back to bed. At 9 a.m. we are woken up again, this time by Joy herself and not just by out eagerness for good stuff, with and bad... Good: Pancakesssss! Bad: grandkids upppp...The pancakes were actually pretty good and the grandkids' behavior was actually pretty bad so we're good clairvoyants...

Right after breakfast, and with some latin lateness, we went with the rest of the family to the Main Street of Platteville were we watched the University's Homecoming Parade on the theme "Where in the world is UW-Platteville" and it was quite fun. During the parade Mateo and I went for the first time to the famous coffee shop Badger Brothers but it didn't go very well...we grabbed someone else's hot chocolate by mistake and left...when we got outside I took a sip of mine and thought to myself it tasted like chocolate...and I had ordered a Caramel Latte (or something like that)...well, eventually we found out those weren't our cups...luckily the lady didn't mind and just made them again for the other person that didn't understand why everything was taking so long.... :) And with all this, we missed the Platteville High School Band who played in the parade. Oh well...

When it all ended we went back home, where a hard-working Joy had lunch ready. We had lunch and the rest of the day was spent in a peaceful rest...or maybe not...the kids ran around throwing cars and dolls and stuff at the floor and rest or concentration weren't possible.... The only solution was to watch the Badgers. And that's what we did.

On Sunday, nothing special happened. I went to both churches again and I spent the afternoon trying to finish everything I had procrastinated on Saturday...and I went Bowling...they called it a Pre-Cast Party (musical stuff) and it was supposed to bond us...but not a whole lot of people showed up...:p Luckily the kids left that night - they were very nice and very funny but I had a giant two-day long headache...

The week after started with some terrible news... Another host sister (Julie) was going to come with Matt, her husband, and the kids Simon, Hudson and Alivia on Thursday... We didn't even want to think about it... As they were coming, we stayed in the basement - there was no point in moving back up if we had to move back down again in four days and that place was really cold - it had no heating... We spent some troubled nights there... I had never thought I could be so cold inside of a house...!

Anyway, the week was one more normal week with tons of homework and some little quizzes (including a Spelling Bee of the Elements for Chemistry...not that simple, my friends...I don't know who was the brilliant mind that decided that Beryllium would be written with a Y in English...). The rehearsals for the musical continued and on Thursday and Friday with did all the blocking (the acting part and the positions on stage); I finally made up for one of the voice lessons from Choir that I had simply forgot in the beginning of the year...don't ask...Alzheimer probably...; the Pre-Calc lessons continue to be veeeeery funny - partly because everyone is using parts of this video ahah; in Creative Writing we started listening to different songs (each person had to choose two) to write three music reviews about; in Team Sports we did a quiz on Soccer...very very difficult... who would say that hitting the ball with your head is called a Head? Hmm...; the fun part in Biology just started - now we're learning about the Integumentary system so we're looking at various different types of tissue and talking about skin and everything related to it; my (and Sarah's - the other group member) POE car moved by a hydrogen fuel cell won the race we did among all the cars; on Thursday as my knee was better I went running with Maggie and Cagla (tow friends of mine) and we ran for about 50 minutes - they're practicing for the Half Marathon - and it was a pretty long run! It felt good - I think we should all run ehe; and on Friday before the rehearsal for the musical I had one more Spaghetti Supper for Cross Country (although the season is over for people who aren't Varsity we still get to eat...!) this time at the Philip's house...and what a house...! Volleyball and basketball courts, trampoline, like three hundred bikes, drums, guitars and basses (it is where the band of some friends of mine practices), Ping-Pong, Foosball...and very good food...!

By the end of the week, the kids were already here and they weren't even comparable to the others one's... The little girl Alivia had some suspicious need to hit people and stuff (they should probably start supplying themselves with paint to repaint the walls - several times - during her adolescence...) but in general they were much calmer than the others and they were so sweet - every night before going to bed they would say goodbye to everyone and then go and hug each person, one by one...

That weekend wasn't going to be good...I had about 140 pages of a book to read for a book report due on Monday...thank God the kids were well-behaved... Anyway, it was my fault that I had to read so much... It's the old saying whose advice I never take:

"Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today."

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  1. Escreve mais vezes e em portugues!!

  2. Espero que te estejas a divertir, isto por cá só se fala em crise e crise, por isso ainda bem que asilaste ahah diverte-te chavalo :)Continua a dar noticias tuas!