Relato deveras ilustrativo e quiçá pormenorizado de uma estadia de exactamente 9 meses, 16 dias, 6 horas, 56 minutos e um número sem dúvida interessante de segundos e seus submúltiplos nos arredores da bela cidade de Platteville do 30º estado dos pequenos e nada importantes para a economia mundial Estados Unidos da América - Wisconsin - com recurso às mais diversas ferramentas de informação, comunicação e tal, de modo a transmitir, informar acerca de, comunicar, contar, dar a conhecer (e outros sinónimos destes últimos), da melhor forma possível e sem cometer falácias que prejudiquem a inteligibilidade do texto, as peripécias de um jovem português exilado num programa de intercâmbio cultural.

ou (traduzido por miúdos)


ou ainda (traduzido por miudinhos mesmo mesmo piquenos)

O meu (espantástico) ano nos EUA!!

quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

Bla, bla, bla...

"Bla, bla, bla...he has a lot to do...always the same excuse.." .but I'm serious...I really haven't been able to write more often... I'm sorry. However, to compensate you I'm going to write a little bit of last week in English and tomorrow I'll write again, but in Portuguese. How does that sound? ("ghasgdfke...okay...whatever..." - great! I love you too :D ).

Well, since the last time I wrote, many things have happenned...I mean, not many things...some things...ok, very few things...alright, nothing really happenned...when I was asleep, of course...because while awake I have been experiencing some of the best days of my life...! And I'm so happy...! (though missing you guys, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I'd better concentrate in what I CAN do, which is have a great time!).

Anyway, last Tuesday, right after the day I posted my last text, I had my 2nd X-Country meet, this time in Richland Center. I didn't do especially well but I got to run for the first time in what the coach called some pretty real hills...and indeed I can confirm, speaking for my legs: they were quite real... The bus trips to and from Richland Center were also loads of fun...! We were all the time recalling Disney movies and singing them (what does this remember me of, dear blue scarfed guys ad girls...?)...and in Portuguese too...! I had to show them our wonderful voiceovers...aha.

The rest of the week didn't have anything special...I started writing a ballad for CW named "The Ballad of 'The Return of Those Who Never Went'" (and this was in your honor, 12A), I had one more Pre-Calc quiz and...nothing else, I think.

Talking of Pre-Calc, I don't know if I told you already I am now know as Sir Nigel of Bollingsworth, because of my British accent, and there is another guy in this class (Alex Schlueter) who is known as Mackenzie...because of his australian can now clearly imagine our math classes... :p

In other occasions I am also known as Yin. And why? Because, along with David Ababio (a friend of mine from Ghana), I am part of the Yin-Yang. I'll explain: I'm Yin 'cause I'm white and he's Yang 'cause his black...! However, I also have a black circle in me and he has a white circle in him. It's a bromance ahaha.

Oh...and I almost forgot...I invited a girl for Homecoming...! Can't reveal the identity...I'm sorry fellows...muahaha ;)

Also last week, on Thursday night, the X-Country team had dinner at Mr. Serres's (the coach) house - which by the way was really fun, although I felt kind of inferior when all the guys started to play Guitar Hero in a certainly alien, unhuman and whatever else you wanna call it, WOOW fast...that destroys every guys self-esteem...

This Spaghetti Supper, as it was called, preceeded the great Platteville Invitational on Saturday! On Friday, we got everything ready and...I...I had to carry the USA flag to the warehouse on the course...this is high-treason...I know...I kept looking up to see if there was already a Portuguese Air Force plane ready to eliminate the threat...anyway, they probably missed me...because I'm small and stuff...but I still feel really bad...and the flag too...I mean, the eagle on the top miraculously got broken...I didn't do it, Mr. Obama... Despite all these "terrible" things, the Invitational was awesome...! And...I improved my Personal Record in one minute! I'm really happy...! (part of me, at knee has been somewhat grouchy these last few days...).

And the weekend was full of sports. College football and Baseball on Saturday, NFL on Sunday, me trying do some...archery...(the bow was made for killing dears so you can't imagine the tension in it...impossible, if you ask me...). My teams all won, and that is the most important thing.

(I also got on time to church for the first time....! Hurray!! just saying... ;) )

This week has been pretty busy...and fun. You'll get to know my adventures tomorrow...I bet you can't wait aha.

Today, a quote from a great mind, Steve Jobs. Someone who changed our world and just left it, today. Let's remember him:

"We dont't get a chance to do that many things, and everyone should be really excellent. Because this is our life, life is brief, and then you die...You know? And we have all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good, it better be worth it" [Steve Jobs to his employees in Apple].

I don't really agree with the first part of the first sentence (I wonder why...), so I leave you another one quote, also by him:

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Thank you and good bye."

5 comentários:

  1. Steve Jobs also said:
    "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary".
    A great man, a great thinker, a great creator!

  2. Mio caro figlio
    Espero que esteja tudo bem por aí.
    Estou um pouco triste contigo...
    Oggi, tive conhecimento, de fonte segura, que "afinal havia outra"!!!
    Andaste por aqui a falar da "Arianna" e... afinal havia outra!
    Nem uma palavra, nem uma fotografia... nada... sobre a outra!
    Está mal!Isto não se faz!
    Um abraço do Godfather.

  3. Está tudo óptimo Il Padrino... siplesmente n tenho tido mt tempo e estou-me a desleixar...facto a corrigir, non preoccuparti.
    Afinal havia outra...e o Padrinho sem nada saber, sorria...! :D
    ahah eu hei-de pôr fotografias da "outra" lol. mas tmb é só uma amiga, nada de histórias. Graças a Deus eu sou um jovem muito íntegro...ehe

  4. You sure have been busy, Tomas. You write cleverly, too. I like your jokes. They were jokes about the flag and such, right?

  5. yup :D I have, yes...and I'm glad I have...! thanks!